“Ganit” brand was created from a deep love of art and fashion since Ms. Ganit Akaramas was eleven years old. She is the owner, founder, as well as a designer who is inspired to make her own dream come true of being an international fashion designer. Her fashion instincts, knowledge and experience was accumulated over several decades of doing hands-on work for clients, and from her formal fashion education which include a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Art Education at Chulalonkorn University, honors diploma in Textile & Theatre Art at London Collage of Fashion, and  Master’s degree in Textile Design from Central Saint Martin Collage of Art & Design (a top 5 Fashion Colleges in England).
After returning to Thailand in 1996, she took on a strong liking to creating her own clothes. Every time she goes to social events, there will always be people taking notice of her clothes and asking and commenting, “Where did you get this made? It’s quite unique, I have never seen it anywhere before, it’s really pretty”. As friends have started asking her for help and advice in designing and creating new clothes for them, and she has had more experience in the design processes, she finally got enough confidence to start Ganit Gallery in the year 2002. Her inspiration is to create pieces of art through night gowns under the brand of Ganit which uses the latest techniques and compasses the latest fashion trends with its own unique identity. This also answer the need of creating unique designs to fit the personality of the wearer.
Ms Ganit has a strong belief that “if the clothes you wear isn’t a match for you, you will not be yourself. That’s why you must choose what you really like, and we must only wear clothes that make us look good.”
Whenever our shop gets a new order from a customer for a new gown, we will analyze the personality of the customer to match the best style for her. Therefore, Ganit Gallery has no house style, and the only style we focus on is the style that matches the customer. Because we want you, the bride, to look the best for your wedding, with a unique bridal gown which makes you glow in your glory. Thus, be it the pattern or the cutting, the design of the dress will be an artistic interpretation of the customer’s deep desires and aspirations.
As for new clothes that Ganit designed, we focus on creating a difference in the details of the work that is shows up inspirations derived from the original style. This is to create a finished work that is unique and different from the usual, including an exquisite quality from our craftsman that “you can never find in another artpiece”. For example, doe laced dresses, our lace specialist we will make the gown most appealing by connecting each of the laces one by one, just so that the end look will not have any visible end seams, creating a even more stunningly beautiful harmonious look of the cloth as a whole.
“Because we believe that every lady has a character, style they like, and different characteristic. Therefore, we will be creative in making the bridal gown, as though each is “A Masterpiece of Art”. The Masterpiece that is created for each and every bride is the sole reason why “Ganit the Wedding Gallery” is a Gallery of Heart’s Desire. For here, we design single wedding dresses, where every dress design will only be sewn once, becoming one of a kind for that special day of that customer. Every dress has a story, has a detail and history within every piece of work.
This is why our dresses has the Originality and has a clear standing point that goes against fashion. No matter our long time passes, our dress will still have its own identity, has love and dedication put into it to make the piece of work special with a “Priceless Timeless & Uniqueness” quality.”All of this started from the love that is the passion to create top quality work that Ms. Ganit dedicated to her customers with her utmost care for the work. This made Ms. Ganit receive the Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award from British Council Thailand to create workshop together with key fashion people in London, England in the year 2008. Together with the opportunity to become part of the Private section of Sir Paul Smith, and also joined the Fashion Week in England.
In more than 16 years of her work, other than clothing design for customers to make the most beautiful attire. Ms. Ganit also became a professor for Creative Arts subject in the Art faculty at Chulalongkorn University until now, as well as other Universities. She also had the chance to became the teacher for Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana while she was studying Art at Chulalongkorn University, Fashion Design faculty. Ms. Ganit is also the professor for many lead designers in the country.Other than her success in designing, Ms. Ganit also studies NLP, and Coaching until she got Certified in Master NLP level from many institute including certified coaching from ICF (International Coach Federation) to be used in designing according to customer’s desires to get a product as close to their needs as possible. So the customers can wear the cloth of their dreams on their most special day of their
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